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Reinvigorate your Reseller Channel

We help major vendors enable their resellers to do more effective marketing. Watch the video find out how.

Integrated Marketing
Systems and Solutions

Sophisticated Marketing Automation and a full suite of marketing support services - all in one integrated solution.

Cost Effective Marketing Automation

StrategyMix SMB is only $380 per month. Our marketing automation systems have been "battle tested" since 2004. You can test it yourself with our 30 day trial.

Database Building

First we run a Gap Analysis to identify the holes in your database. Then our telemarketing team will fill the gaps and obtain "opt-in" emails from A$ 17.50 per hour. It's great value and it works.

Copywriting to Convey Complex Ideas

Demonstrate your thought leadership with a range of white papers, case studies, blogs and online videos. Work with our writers, not a blank piece of paper.

Animated Videos

Animated videos allow you to convey complex ideas, very quickly in a way that is engaging to watch and has the potential to go viral.

Rapid Response Calls

You would be amazed at the results you get from rapid response calls. It's counter intuitive but it works if you use the right approach. Let us make them work for you.

Synchronise Data with SugarCRM

Manage sophisticated "Buyer Journey" style campaigns with StrategyMix and have SugarCRM populated with the marketing results in real-time. No more importing or exporting between systems.

Integrate with

Integrate StrategyMix with so that your marketing result are instantly visible to your sales team - in leads, contacts and custom reports.

Mobile Websites

StrategyMix includes a mobile CMS system based on Jquery Mobile so that visitors can easily read and navigate your site on a smart phone.

StrategyMix 30 Day Managed Trial

The 30 day trial provides you with much more than just a free system. It will help you transform your marketing.

StrategyMix Channel Marketing

Enable your resellers to run sophisticated multi-touch marketing campaigns that will grow their business - and yours.

StrategyMix Telemarketing

Use offshore, low-cost telemarketing to build your database. Use onshore agents for lead qualification.

StrategyMix Animated

Explain complex ideas quickly in a way that is engaging to watch and has the potential to go viral, especially through social media.

Our Clients

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