Jonathan Calver

Jonathan Calver

Deploying AI Chatbots for Knowledge Retrieval

At this Friday briefing, we will demonstrate an AI Chatbot that you could easily test and deploy, so your employees or customers can use a Chat-GPT style interface, to search and retrieve the information they need from your internal data sources or from your website, securely and much more efficiently.

A knowledge retrieval chatbot is a good way to get started on your AI journey (if you have not started already) as they are available on a SaaS basis, include a unique knowledge base learning feedback loop and are relatively inexpensive (from A$500 per month).

During this briefing, we will explain:

  • The knowledge base structure and the underlying Data Access Models
  • Chatbot alerts, information requests and hand offs
  • Knowledge base tuning with a learning feedback loop, for continuous improvement
  • Multi-bot pricing and configuration options, including your choice of LLMs
  • How to get started and the key metrics to apply.

Interested But Unavailable? Request the video highlights.

If you are unable to attend this event on 19 July, you can request the video highlights. Typically, the video highlights are ready within 5 days of the event completion.

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09:30 to 10:30 (AEST)
Friday 19 July 2024

Virtual Format

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