Andrew Horton Pen Testing

Andrew Horton Pen Testing

Represented by StrategyMix Andrew is available for sale and support via StrategyMix. StrategyMix only represents remarkable solutions, the kind of that makes you to want to tell your friends about it. Andrew is one of them. ABOUT ANDREW Andrew Horton is currently developing the software that powers ThreatCanary, an API security platform. He is a full-stack leader and crypto enthusiast, with a strong background in cybersecurity. In April 2023, he completed a 6 month contract for Service NSW to assess their susceptibility to an Optus-style data-breach. Andrew was formerly the Director of Engineering for CoinPayments, the world's largest cryptocurrency payments provider with over 100,000 web merchants in about 200 countries, turning over billions in USD every quarter. Andrew is best known for his open-source security research, forming part of the standard arsenal of penetration testers and black-hat hackers alike, along with mentions in textbooks, academic papers, professional methodologies (OWASP and PTES), and Kali Linux - the most popular Linux security distribution used daily by security professionals. Andrew continues to do security research in his spare time.

Solution Summary

Andrew provides the following assessment / penetration services:
  • Web app security review
  • API security review
  • AWS Configuration / CSPM
  • Security Compliance reviews
  • Reverse engineering

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Andrew Horton

Andrew Horton

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"We are a UK based Financial Institution, serving customers on every continent and offering payments to over 200 countries, currency management and hedging in nearly 300 pairs. Cyber security is important to us and we feel safe relying on Andrew to help us stay safe online." Alexander C, CEO, UK Financial Institution

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