ABOUT MyCISO founders Dane and Simon had been fortunate to work with thousands of businesses and address some of the most pertinent security challenges in the process. But one challenge remained unaddressed, how does an organisation assess their maturity, then improve and manage their uplift program without engaging expensive security consultants or hiring specially trained staff? We saw time and time again, organisations engaging expensive consultants to create the inch-thick reports. Often-case these polished documents would be reviewed once and then forgotten at the back of a dusty drawer. The problem was these reports failed to operationalise the security improvement journey. Fast forward a couple of years and a dedicated team have come together to work full time on create a Worlds first - a platform that guides a company to assess, improve and manage their security program. Dane Meah - CEO & Co-Founder Dane has spent the last 15 years helping organisations improve their security posture, most recently as CEO at a leading Australian Cyber Security Practice, InfoTrust. Dane observed a gap in the market - many organisations were struggling to create and maintain traction on their security maturity journey. Companies would engage security consultants, but soon after the consultant left, the security strategy would become drawer-ware. Dane set-about creating the first living-and-breathing security management platform!

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MyCISO Assess is an online platform that guides you through the implementation of your chosen cyber security framework. The Assess module takes the Security Consultant journey of gaining business context and setting goals, performing control and risk assessments, and finally creating a security strategy. The platform is designed to achieve every step in the simplest way possible, providing quick wins to customers.

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Dane Meah

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