Video: Introducing Call Coach

In this video, Erik Van Eekelen of explains how their CallCoach solution transcribes your call recordings on the fly and then provides immediate feedback to the agent and their managers. This results in significant improvements in call quality, across your entire team and solves the fundamental problem that your managers cannot possibly review all your agent calls to ensure quality and compliance.

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Let's see if this sounds familiar.

You are managing call center, inbound, enter outbound.

You're constantly managing the team, the quality, and their performance office.

You're also constantly managing the turnover of the team hiring new people and being frustrated by the time it takes to all one time.

Especially for those organizations with complex products and services portfolios.

You know you and your team should listen to more of the call recordings and provide actionable feedback to the team and reduce the gap and performance levels.

However, listening to calls is very time consuming, and then you have to make the time to talk to the individuals. It's almost an impossible task.

This is where a kinda AI call coach comes in.

It listens to the calls directly after they're finished and provide immediate feedback to the team and their managers on how they can improve.

It uses your organization's definition of quality call regardless if that definition is a few bullet points or a template document with metrics.

It provides both individual and team scores to bring in a gamification competition element, and it does a weekly or monthly review per individual and our team to measure the progression over time.

Outside of the qualitative perspective, it also tracks equal duration and any audible metrics, such as this call is recorded, or other things that simply must be mentioned during the call.

Callcoach basically does the listening and coaching part of the work for each of your team leads.

Our clients have seen up to a ten percent improvement month to month for teams as a whole and up to twenty five percent for individuals.